Assessment (Assignment 3, 3100)

The resources listed below contain information on all types of assessments for educational purposes. Assessing students, instructors, course outlines, and goals can identify weaknesses that may otherwise go unnoticed. After a comprehensive evaluation, any flaws that are discovered can be dealt with in a positive manner. Assessments will help provide me information on the level of understanding the student is acquiring, and the data required to make positive changes to the program or teaching methods. Ultimately, creating an environment that is learner centered and providing the knowledge the students need, to become a success in their field of study.

Weimer, M (2013) Leaner Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice (Second Edition) (pp.168-195) San Francisco CA

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Blooms Taxonomy (Assignment 3, 3100) Psychomotor Domain.

After completing some research on Blooms Taxonomy I became intrigued by the Psychomotor Domain because it specifically pertains to the instruction of a trade such as welding. Upon further reflection and research about the taxonomy I realized that all three domains pertain to the learner becoming successful in their chosen trade. If I can better understand how students learn to master certain techniques, I would be able to tailor the lesson plans to enhance their natural learning progression. Instruction of the students would be easier and more effective, helping ensure a positive learning experience for everyone involved.

New World Encyclopedia. Benjamin Bloom.

Bloom’s Taxonomy – Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology.

Bloom’s taxonomy

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Trends in adult education. (Assignment 2, 3100)

The trends listed in this article are prevalent and consistant with the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program at VCC.

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Welding Industry Trends (Assignment 2, 3100)

A condensed look at the direction of the industry.Some factors that affect the future include; technology, economics,and  the lack of skilled trades people. Automated and semi-automated welding processes seem to be coming more common throughout due to increased production and decreased costs per lineal foot, this in turn increases profitability. New processes and better technology are providing welds that are superior at less cost and allow lower operator skill levels. Large numbers of students are currently training to become Welders. Unfortunately training providers cannot seem replace the retiring work-force fast enough to meet the needs of industry now and in the near future.

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